Peptide Bioregulator

Nephro 3 Plus Peptide Complex – 60 caps with Pielotax, Chitomur & Vladonix



Support Your Urinary Health with Nephro 3 Plus Peptide Complex!


What does the use of the NEPHRO 3 Plus
complex contribute to?


Can be used in complex treatment to prevent recurrent cystitis (due to the restoration of the bladder mucosa)


Suppresses inflammatory processes in the body and improves immunity


Improves regulation of metabolism in kidney and bladder tissues

Nephro 3 Plus Peptide Complex – with Pielotax, Chitomur & Vladonix

Can be used in the complex treatment of gouty nephropathy and other diseases in which renal function is impaired


Helps to recover from kidney damage, which is a consequence of hypertension, various infections, autoimmune processes, metabolic disorders and diabetes mellitus


Improves the function of the urinary system (extremely effective for urinary incontinence)

Nephro 3 Plus effectively improves the
functioning of the urinary system and
normalizes overall well-being

consists of 3 components

The composition of the polypeptide complex is selected in such a way as to not only effectively regulate the functioning of the entire urinary system, but also maintain hormonal levels and acid-base balance.



The bladder is a hollow, highly extensible muscular organ in which urine accumulates.

The mucous membrane of the bladder protects it from irritation by salts, does not allow bacteria to attach. But when damaged, its protective functions are reduced. Therefore, inflammation occurs, or cystitis, which can become chronic.

Bladder peptides restore the mucous membrane and walls of the bladder.




The thymus is a small organ of the immune system. A kind of "training center" of immune cells.

Thymus peptides improve phagocytic processes, namely, increase the ability of immune cells to detect, capture and destroy pathogens. This leads to a decrease in inflammatory processes in the body, acceleration of regeneration and stimulation of the production of immunoglobulins.

Thymus peptides actively affect immune cells, improve their qualitative and quantitative indicators, reduce inflammation in the body, normalize the functioning of the thymus gland and the entire immune system.

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The kidneys are paired organs of the excretory system. They continuously filter the blood, remove excess fluid, metabolic products, and salts from it.

The kidneys are involved in maintaining the water-salt balance, blood pressure, and prevent the appearance of edema. Also in the kidneys, the hormone erythropotin is synthesized, which regulates the synthesis of red blood cells.

Kidney peptides help restore kidney function, activate recovery processes, increase metabolism in the tissues of this organ, and improve excretory function.