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Protector 3 Plus Peptide Complex – 60 caps With Endoluten, Vladonix & Bonomarlot



Protector 3 Plus Peptide Complex includes

Endoluten, Vladonix, Bonomarlot

Boost Your Immunity with the “Protector 3 Plus” Peptide Complex!



The use of the PROTECTOR 3 Plus complex

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Slows down the aging process, prolongs active longevity, reduces a person’s biological age and significantly improves health

Group 23

Has a pronounced antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and oncoprotective effect

Group 19

Increases serotonin production, increasing resistance to stress and improving emotional well-being

Protector 3 Plus
Group 21

Increases melatonin levels in the blood, regulates circadian rhythms and improves sleep quality

Group 15

Significantly improves cellular and humoral immunity. Restores the entire endocrine system

Group 22

Improves blood quality and hematopoietic system

Protector 3 Plus reduces the frequency
of acute respiratory infections and
influenza, prolongs youth, improves
sleep and health

Because it has 3 components




The bone marrow is the organ in which all blood cells, including immune ones, are produced from stem cells.

Thanks to the bone marrow, the composition of the blood is constantly updated and improved.

The better the bone marrow works, the more actively the conversion of stem cells into immune ones takes place.

Bone marrow peptides improve blood biochemical parameters, increase oxygenation of tissues and organs, regulate metabolic processes in the cells of the hematopoietic system, positively affect bone marrow cells and normalize their work.




The thymus is a small organ of the immune system. A kind of "training center" of immune cells.

Thymus peptides improve phagocytic processes, namely, increase the ability of immune cells to detect, capture and destroy pathogens. This leads to a decrease in inflammatory processes in the body, acceleration of regeneration and stimulation of the production of immunoglobulins.

Thymus peptides actively affect immune cells, improve their qualitative and quantitative indicators, reduce inflammation in the body, normalize the functioning of the thymus gland and the entire immune system.




The pineal gland is a small gland located at the base of the brain and regulates the functions of the neuroendocrine and immune systems.

One of the tasks of the pineal gland is the synthesis of its own serotonin and melatonin (the hormone of youth). Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant.

Its production normalizes biorhythms, maintains a high level of health, slows down the appearance of age-related disorders and has an oncoprotective effect.

Peptides of the epiphysis increase the production of melatonin by 2 times! Own melatonin is much better than melatonin from outside. Protect cells and prolong their life.

Protector 3 plus your total
superiority here and now

Group 24

Confidence and

  • focus easily and quickly;
  • be calm and confident;
  • easy to remember information and quickly recall at the right time;
  • achieve a lot and be effective.
Group 25


  • high physical activity and performance;
  • motivation for action and achievement;
  • lack of fatigue;
  • desire for a bright life.
Group 26


  • focus easily and quickly;
  • be calm and confident;
  • easy to remember information and quickly recall at the right time;
  • achieve a lot and be effective.
Group 28


  • reduction of anxiety and irritability;
  • improved attention;
  • concentration and focus;
  • increasing tolerance to stress factors.
Group 27


    • increasing fertility;
    • increased libido


    • *the pineal gland regulates the function of all endocrine organs in women and men, thereby affecting sexual life