Peptide Bioregulator


Age Reverse Bundle



We have found the secret of beauty and health and are ready to share it with you! Introducing a unique mix of peptide complexes to strengthen cells, hair, nails, skin and completely rejuvenate the body.


You receive 4 x 60 capsules of the perfect Peptide combination

1 x 60 caps Protector 3 Plus, 1 x 60 caps Recovery 5 Plus Plus, 1 x 60 caps Osteo 3 Plus, 1 x 60 caps Neuro 3 Plus

Our mission is to help you preserve the components of happiness and increase them! Biological youth, impeccable functioning of the body, good health is not a gift of nature, it is your decision and choice.

The choice you make is vitual. Khavinson Peptides help the body self-regulate, recover from stress and protect against 95% of age-related changes.